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Chelsey Kelly
Vice President, Roost
I joined the Roost family in 2014 and have helped shape both project management and governance for our business. I regularly interface with the Board of Directors, ensure by-laws are being followed, rules are enacted and the building communications are managed effectively. I also oversee all contracts and ensure that the maintenance cycle and improvement calendar is being closely followed to create flawless building operations. You can think of me as the primary point of contact for association and cooperative Boards and triage all related compliance projects. I’ve spent over a decade working with trade associations and during that time, have managed to live in every quadrant of the city – making me a bit of a unicorn! I volunteer with the Special Olympics and several other causes here in the District. Fun fact: during Caps season, you’ll pretty much only find me wearing red.


Our housing justice program offers down payment grants to qualifying BIPOC first time home buying residents in the DC and Philadelphia areas. Awards range from $5,000 to $15,000 and grants are made multiple times per year until funds are expended.

The application/review process is straight forward and uncomplicated.

Our Board of Advisors reviews applications, interviews finalists and identifies grantees. This is a partnership with the Greater Washington Community Foundation who supports the administrative complexity so we can very simply help people buy homes. *

Applicants must identify as one of the following: American Indian, Indigenous, Alaska Native, Asian, Pacific Islander, Black, African American, Hispanic or Latinix birdSEED has made 29 provisional grants to date. The total grant pool available was $215,000. Additional funds have been raised from supportive community members who shared our vision of simple, no strings financial down payment grants that accelerate the home buying process. If you are positioned to give, please do. Needs are great, resources are limited and your help is essential.

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