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Co-owner : Creative Grounds DC
Asmara defines herself as nothing more than a person that cares enough to try. She has 20 years of experience working in community organizing and advocacy, focusing on hard to reach and under-resourced communities. From grassroots organizing to executive leadership roles, Asmara’s primary focus is on developing and implementing programmatic and growth strategies for nonprofits and community-based organizations. Her latest venture places her firmly within the creative industry, as co-owner of Creative Grounds DC, a hybrid coffee bar and arts space. A dedicated community gathering space, Creative Grounds DC goes beyond the traditional coffee bar model to include an arts program for adults and children, event rental, and exhibition space. Her passion for supporting the growth of nonprofits and, now, Creative Grounds DC has allowed her to fully realize the value of creative industries and her role in this industry. Navigating the last few years of community organizing has taught Asmara how to be part of a community and a person in this world. She is a first-generation Eritrean-American born and raised in the DMV area.


Our housing justice program offers down payment grants to qualifying BIPOC first time home buying residents in the DC and Philadelphia areas. Awards range from $5,000 to $15,000 and grants are made multiple times per year until funds are expended.

The application/review process is straight forward and uncomplicated.

Our Board of Advisors reviews applications, interviews finalists and identifies grantees. This is a partnership with the Greater Washington Community Foundation who supports the administrative complexity so we can very simply help people buy homes. *

Applicants must identify as one of the following: American Indian, Indigenous, Alaska Native, Asian, Pacific Islander, Black, African American, Hispanic or Latinix birdSEED has made 29 provisional grants to date. The total grant pool available was $215,000. Additional funds have been raised from supportive community members who shared our vision of simple, no strings financial down payment grants that accelerate the home buying process. If you are positioned to give, please do. Needs are great, resources are limited and your help is essential.

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